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FRC - The Pulp and Paper Fundamental Research Society

17th FRC The Pulp and Paper Fundamental Research Society, will be held at Robinson College in Cambridge, UK on August 28-September 1 2022.

Tove Joelsson's presentation is entitled: "Lignin interdiffusion - a mechanism behind improved wet strength" (Tove Joelsson *, Amanda Mattsson, Jukka A. Ketoja, Gunilla Pettersson, and Per Engstrand).

The symposium touches several important topics such as nanocellulose applications in polymer and composite materials, modeling and simulation in packaging, and fundamental knowledge about the surface of cellulose.

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28 Aug 2022 - 01 Sep 2022
Grange Road, Cambridge, Storbrittanien

See more information at registration page.

See more information registration page.
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Tove Joelsson

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Tove Joelsson


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