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Meet our members

Johan Hårte, Emballator Ulricehamn Bleck AB

Tell us about your business

We mainly produce metal cans for the industry with varying sizes, from 0,3 liter to 27 liter. Within the FCM segment, which is quite small for us, it is mainly metal cans for cookies such as gingerbread cookies.

How has the membership in Normpack helped your business?

It has helped us to get information on upcoming events and changes in field of FCM. It has also been a sounding board when it comes to questions regarding FCM.

You have participated in one of Normpacks trainings, what did you think of it? Anything that surprised you?

It was a good training which gives an insight in the legislative field and a broader understanding of how the legislation is built-up.

What has been your biggest knowledge gap when it comes to food contact materials?

We already had good knowledge of specific parts of the legislation, but the gap was to understand the bigger picture and how it all fits together.

What would you give for recommendations to other companies who want to take the next step when it comes to food contact materials?

Education, "knowledge is an easy burden to carry".

How do you prepare for the upcoming supervision that the Swedish National Food Agency will introduce shortly?

We will create a project group that will ensure that we have everything covered.