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Fossile free aviation days

Would you like to contribute to the transition towards fossil free aviation? Fossilfritt flyg-dagarna (the fossil free aviation days) is arranged by Fossilfritt Flyg 2045 and is a place to meet and network for increased collaboration and insights towards a faster way forward for fossil free aviation. 

Take part of experiences, knowledge, innovative thinking and networking among actors that want to contribute to the transition to a fossil free aviation.The event is aimed at those who are interested in biofuel, electric aviation, electro fuel or hydrogen powered aviation. It is also for those who love to travel and experience new cultures, meet new friends or travel in the service to exchange thoughts and ideas. Maybe you are traveling for the only way to meet your family who lives far away.

Above all, this is an opportunity for those who want to fly as sustainably as possible and want to contribute to Sweden reaching its share of the global sustainability goals. But also if you want Sweden to go ahead and become a global role model.

Fossilfritt Flyg 2045 wants to gather everyone who wants to help in the work to get a fossil-free domestic 2030 and both inland and foreign 2045. By collecting the entire ecosystem around fossil-free flights in one place, what can happen then? What solutions can we then come up with? If we leave our silos and think and act together. During the days you will have the opportunity to meet with the main players in the area also get the opportunity to participate in future workshops, study visits, listen to panel discussions, participate in break-out sessions where participants jointly investigate the current state of technology development, financing, external monitoring and and how we find the store. This and much more you will have the opportunity to be a part of.

The days are also attended by Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, CEO Lanzatech, will tell about Lanzatech’s exciting journey.

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Information about the event

Date: September 25-26

Place: Olssons Bazar, Tullhusgatan 1, 652 27 Karlstad.

Participation cost:
1500 SEK/members, 2000 SEK/non-members

Members are those who are registered to the innovation cluster: Fossilfritt Flyg 2045