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Webinar mobil testing

Webinar: Mobile corrosion test for automotive materials

Welcome to a webinar about automotive corrosion and RISE test bed for mobile corrosion testing on September 8, 2021.

There are many new challenges in selecting materials for automotive applications. Lightweight and design are becoming more important due to stricter targets for carbon dioxide emission, and we have the rapid development in electrification. These changes imply an increased need of testing and qualifying new materials and concepts, as well as testing more traditional solutions.

When working with product development in automotive applications, accelerated corrosion testing in the laboratory is important for examining and comparing the corrosion resistance of materials, material combinations, surface treatments and more. The tests are usually standardized and the results from different studies can therefore be compared. However, due to the complexity of the road environment, the results of these surveys cannot be directly translated into what happens in a real road environment.

Mobile test bed for automotive corrosion

RISE have a unique testing facility consisting in 10 truck trailers in traffic between Stockholm and Gothenburg, one of the world's most corrosive road environments.

During this webinar we will give you an introduction to how it works and share results from several studies performed at RISE, related to mobile exposure on trailers in Sweden and worldwide. You will also get practical examples of the benefice of this type of exposure compared to laboratory exposure and the possibility to ask questions and discuss with other stakeholders and experts.

Information about the event and registration
08 Sep 2021

Free of charge but registration required.


10.00 Welcome to the webinar, Olivier Rod, Vice President Material & Production at RISE and head of the Corrosion department

10.05 Presentation of RISE mobile test bed for automotive corrosion, Bo Rendahl, Senior Researcher at RISE with long experience of automotive corrosion

10.20 Questions and discussion, all participants

10.35-10.40 Summary, Olivier Rod

Carolina Schneiker


Carolina Schneiker


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Bo Rendahl


Bo Rendahl

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