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Predictive maintenance

Towards The True Hybrid: Physics-Informed Trainable Models for Prognos

Advances in machine learning algorithms and training methods have revolutionized many branches of science and engineering, from computer vision to healthcare and robotics.

One of the areas where machine learning has been applied extensively has been Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) a discipline encompassing fault detection, damage quantification, failure prediction and related predictive maintenance and health-aware decision making.

Although such data-driven tools have been extremely promising, they require large amount of data to refine predictions outside of the training distribution. This requirement hinders their application in domains where data are scarce, e.g., run-to-failure of critical structures and systems, a foundation of PHM. Recently, one of the key area of research in computer science has been physics-informed machine learning, where prior knowledge in the form of partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations, or more general physical constraint is embedded in machine learning architectures, thus trying to guide the training process through physical knowledge, or to constrain the solution through a set of requirements. 

This presentation starts with the foundation of PHM and its benefits, the recent introduction of physics-informed machine learning for PHM and then the challenges of its application. The presentation will concludes with examples of works in the area of hybrid neural networks and physics-constrained Gaussian processes. 

AI for Predictive Maintenance seminar series
15 Aug 2022
Digitally via Teams

Free of charge

Dr. Matteo Corbetta

Dr. Matteo Corbetta


Dr. Matteo Corbetta is a Research Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center with KBR Inc. He is part of the Diagnostics & Prognostics Group in the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA, and his research interests include probabilistic modeling for diagnostics and prognostics, uncertainty quantification and propagation, and physics-informed machine learning.  

Madhav Mishra


Madhav Mishra

Senior Scientist

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