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Decision to create a National social investment fund in Denmark

12 October 2020, 16:18

To facilitate national cooperation and guidance within the field of social investment, Danemark 2018 made the decision to create a National social investment fund, and allocated 80 million DKK for this purpose.

Apart from enabling new interventions, the funding is ment to disseminate interventions with documented effectiveness. Through the fund, municipalities in cooperation wit non-profit organisations will have the opportunity to work preventative within different areas of the welfare sector. Decisionmaking on which areas to be prioritized will be made yearly by the involved parties, and a board will carry the ultimate responsibility for the distribution of the funding. 

”We have to get better at investing in early and preventative measures within the welfare-sector. Therefore we must also be reado to try new methods. And I do believe that new ways of cooperating betwen the public, private and civil sector is a powerful tool. Because even if we spend a lot of money on public interventions today, they do not always achieve the desired effect. I hope that the Social fund (Socialfonden) will be a great example of how all of these sectors - and primarily the citizens - can benefit from cooperating in order to develop our welfare.” 
Denmarks innovation-minister Sophie Løhde (translated for the purpose of this post.)