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Björn Folkeson


Tel +46 10 516 54 46


Office Borås

Department Hållbara försörjningssystem och plastprodukter

Björn works with testing, certification and standardization of district heating components such as district heating substations, heat interface units, shut-off valves and heat exchangers. Björn is also a project manager in district heating projects and has experience in designing, installing and analyzing data from field measurement systems.

Related testing programs and certification systems: EN 488:2015 and EHP 003 for district heating shut-off valves, CEN CWA 16975 and EHP 004 for district heating substations for the European market, F:103-7 for district heating substations for the Swedish market, EN 1148 for heat exchangers, BESA UK HIU Test Regime for HIU:s for the UK market.