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Ali Nejad Ghafar

Senior forskare

Tel +46 10 516 68 72


Location Stockholm

Unit Miljöanalys och konstruktioner (104304)

ORCID 0000-0002-5394-3868

I have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, a master’s degree in infrastructure engineering, and a doctoral degree in soil and rock mechanics from KTH. I have worked over 20 years in different road & highway projects, residential, educational & industrial buildings, water & wastewater networks as well as other civil & infrastructure projects. I worked in those medium- and large-scale projects mostly as site manager, construction manager or project manager. I have also gained years of experiences in investigation, repair and maintenance projects in various construction companies. Over the past eight years, I have worked as a researcher at KTH and then at RISE CBI Concrete Institute. My research area is mainly focused on rock grouting, where I have developed a unique test equipment for measurement of grout penetrability. At the same time, I have worked with development of dynamic grouting to improve the grout spread in microfractures. I have been also involved in development of cement- and graphite-based grouting materials used in geothermal energy systems. In addition, I have also worked with incorporation of PCMs in grouting materials used in underground thermal energy storage (UTES) and underfloor heating systems.