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Agrihub Sweden for enhanced grade of digitalisation within agriculture and food

Agrihub Sweden is an innovation hub supporting the digitalisation in companies within agricultural production and small-scale food processing. 

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Agrihub Sweden - an innovation hub for increasing digitalisation within agriculture

Agrihub Sweden is working to increase the digitalisation in the agricultural sector. The hub brings together the foremost digital innovation hubs within agriculture. The aim is to support and help companies to increase their grade of digitalisation.

Innovation hub with regional nodes

The work in Agrihub Sweden is structured around regional nodes in Skåne, Uppsala, Västra Götaland and Östergötland. The innovation hub supports both small and medium-sized companies and the public sector. Companies can receive skills development, innovation support and test opportunities.

The regional nodes in Agrihub Sweden are coordinated by:

Anna Rydberg

Contact person

Anna Rydberg

Senior forskare

+46 10 516 69 55

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