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Agrihub Sweden - Client case: Pig Scale

Digital solution within agriculture gives less stressed pigs and more efficient follow-up. This is possible due to camera technology and self-learning image processing.

Client case Smart Agritech Solutions of Sweden AB

Client profile:

Smart Agritech Solutions of Sweden AB is a startup company developing digital solutions for smart and innovative animal production. The company was founded in 2016 by a pig-producer, a butcher and a technician. Pig Scale was their first product idea which combined their collective competences and experiences. It is a digital solution based on camera technology and self-learning image processing. Pig Scale operates in the pig enclosure environment to weigh pigs without having to move them. The pigs remain undisturbed and the process is more efficient.   

Client need:

The start-up company SASSAB was in need of help to attract funding. They were also searching for collaboration partners for development and testing of a prototype for their innovative idea Pig Scale.

Provided solution:

Agroväst and RISE helped the customer to evaluate their idea through the innovation platform SmartAgri. The evaluation implied a clear market need and a good market potential. The next step was to connect SASSAB with relevant competence from partners in the area. The customer needed assistance in writing an application for funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. 

When funding of EUR 380 000 was granted for the development and testing of a PigScale prototype, the project was able to start. Agroväst took on the role of project manager. This meant that the customer was relieved of both liquidity problems and time-consuming administration.

Another development step was taken when the customer joined the Smart Agri Hubs (H2020) project. Here, the SASSAB recevied support to develop services in close cooperation with both advisors and communication companies. This increased user-friendliness. It also helped the end customer to fully understand and be able to use the data the data delivered by the digital solution.

Read more on Smart Agritech Solutions of Sweden AB:s homepage.

Contact person: Jens Juul, Agroväst Livsmedel AB.

Anna Rydberg

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Anna Rydberg

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