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Partners Agrihub Sweden

Agrihub Sweden is a cooperation between different partners within agriculture. The purpose is to support the development of digitalisation in the agrigultural sector.

Partners in Agrihub Sweden

Agrihub Sweden is an initiative within the digitalisation of agriculture in Sweden. The initiative connects regional digital innovation nodes with professional competence and knowledge within agriculture and digital technology. The highly respected players in the area are Agtech 2030, SmartAgri, Testbed Digitalised Agriculture at RISE, Krinova and SLU.

The origin to Agrihub Sweden is an active dialogue with stakeholders in the agricultural sector. These stakeholders are farming unions, industry associations and large suppliers and distributors in the agrifood sector.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, is an independent research institute, owned by the Swedish government. The institute supports all sorts of innovation processes and contributes to a sustainable society.

RISE has unique expertise and provides various testbeds and demonstration environments, for instance a test bed for digitalised agriculture. As one of the partners in SmartAgri, RISE works in close cooperation with partners from academia, organizations, authorities and industry.

SmartAgri is an innovation platform within the digitalisation of the agriculture sector. The platform provides services to support digitalisation in the farming sector, as well as development of new smart technical solutions.

SmartAgri is a collaboration between RISE and Science Park Skövde and is coordinated by Agroväst. Agroväst is a well-established cluster management organization for agriculture in the west of Sweden and serves as a hub for collaborations between research and the farming sector. 

Agtech 2030 is an initiative for innovation and mobilization in the future´s agriculture sector. The initiative, originated from Linköping University, focuses on digitalised areas such as sensors, digital technology, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Business development is another focus area.

The common vision for the private and public organizations in Agtech 2030 is to contribute to societal challenges within agriculture and the green industry. The overall aim is to facilitate the technological innovation and dynamic business models already present, and sometimes overlooked, in the agricultural sector.

Nod Syd is an incubator and science park in Kristianstad concentrating on food, environment and health. It serves as a meeting point, an innovation arena and a platform for development projects. Nod Syd works in close collaboration with companies and the public sector as well as academia, striving to identify future challenges.

By gathering experience, knowledge, ideas, creativity and valuable contacts, Nod Syd supports development, innovations and research. The aim is to drive societal development, create jobs and sustainable growth.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is a world-class international university, highly ranked in the fields of Agriculture and Forestry. The university´s focus is on research, education and environmental assessment in sciences for sustainable life. SLU collaborates with advisory service organizations and many innovation-based companies.

The university has a long history of digitalisation research in agriculture, and this is one of the university´s strategic and prioritized arenas. Thanks to its extensive network of commercial farms in all parts of Sweden, SLU has access to full-scale research farms, testbeds and validation platforms for new technologies.

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