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Agrihub Sweden - Client case: Grain Cloud

Digitalized grain conveying systems increase effectiveness and minimizes climate imprint. With support from AI and machine learning structure and control is faciliated.

Client case Skandia Elevator

Client profile

Skandia Elevator is a third generation family business that develops, manufactures and sells transport systems for the grain industry. The company's turnover was EUR 20 million in 2020. To further develop its business, the company began to consider digitialising their grain plant.

Client needs

Skandia Elevator had identified several customer needs and saw opportunities for digital service development to meet these needs. The company believed that developing the system would contribute to an increased customer value.

Skandia Elevator had taken a first step when developing the digital monitoring system Grain Cloud. With the help of a mobile application, Grain Cloud was able to view and process data in the grain plant. Now there was both wish and willingness to continue to further develop Grain Cloud. The expectation was that the system could also:

  • Optimize grain flow through storage facility
  • More accurately follow up on the amount of grain
  • Prevent and alert to avoid downtime in the plant
  • Reduce wear in the plant
  • Predict maintenance needs

Provided solution

Agroväst, RISE and Science Park Skövde were able to help Skandia Elevator through the innovation platform SmartAgri. Smart Agri helped Skandia Elevator structure and map further opportunities with a digitialised management system. More data, new data, new measurements and new features were added to the system.

A feasibility study was carried out with funding from Vinnova. The study increased the company's understanding of how AI and machine learning can be used in grain plants to create an increased customer value.

The results of the feasibility study were taken further to an implementation project. Skandia Elevator got assistance with an application for innovation support and got help to form a project team, where new partners were added. The project was granted a funding of EUR 500 000 for development and testing of the Grain Cloud digital monitoring system.

Through the funding, it was possible to take grain flow management to the next level. Here machine learning technology, AI, existing data and new sensor technologies are used to increase control and traceability of grain flows. At the same time, the capacity is optimized taking into account the maintenance of the plant. The new solution brings clear business benefits for end customers, while helping to reduce the carbon footprint through smart and optimized processes. The project runs from 2020 to 2022.

Read more on Skandia Elevator´s homepage.

Contact person: Kristina Anderback, Agroväst

Anna Rydberg

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Anna Rydberg

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