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Cirkulär materialpalett, bedömningsmodell & exempel fordonsinteriör

The Circular Material Palette: simplifying choices of more circular materials

For the past two years, the research project "Circular Material Palette" has been paving the way for more sustainable material choices in the automotive industry. This initiative, facilitated by RISE and the Swedish Environmental Institute (IVL), brings together vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers, material providers, and external design consultants.

A Vision for the Future The project has been driven by a broad vision for the automotive industry, where vehicles are designed to last longer, achieve greater utilization, and have a significantly reduced environmental and resource footprint from the moment they leave the factory. This perspective aligns with the emerging trend where OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) circular offers can include subscription models instead of traditional sales. While this model is already established on a smaller scale, it entails greater economic risks for manufacturers. In addition, it also incentivizes the production of more durable and upgradable vehicles as manufacturers would bear ongoing responsibility for depreciation.

Circular Principles inspired by Nature
In nature, living things are built with a limited palette of just a few elements (out of hundreds in the periodic system)and production processes using low temperature and renewable energy . Just as in nature, the CMP project emphasizes using a limited set of well-known and tested materials that are resource efficient to produce, easy to work with, long-lasting, safe, and cost-effective to material recycle. 

A simple assessment model has been developed to evaluate materials against these four key circular principles:

  1. Resource Efficiency in Production
  2. Longevity, by physical and visual durability and if materials are reused
  3. Use of renewable raw materials, energy and problematic substances
  4. Recycled ingredients & recyclability at end of life

Ranking and Selection
Materials are ranked according to these principles using a color-coded scoring model. This model compares specific indicators and threshold values for common textiles and plastics, helping to identify materials that meet internal and external requirements. These materials can be organized into circular palettes, allowing companies to compare options based on specific needs when designing components and products suitable for circular business models.

Digital Tools and Design Guidelines
The project is set to release a digital tool and a set of promising circular materials, illustrating how company-specific palettes can be developed. This tool, combined with design guidelines, supports the early phases of circular business and design, and offers a streamlined process for assessing and selecting materials that align with circular goals and visions.

Empowering Swedish Suppliers 
The Circular Material Palette aims to provide Swedish material suppliers with a platform to showcase their offerings, enhancing their visibility and reputation in the international market. For OEMs, it simplifies the process of assessing and choosing materials, offering a clear pathway to achieving their sustainability objectives.

Join the Movement As the project approaches completion, the results and tools will be available to material-using and manufacturing companies and material suppliers. Although materials for vehicle interiors have been in focus in this project phase, future focus will be on other industry sectorsand a broader set of materials. Those interested in accessing the results or participating in ongoing efforts are encouraged to get involved and join the movement towards a more sustainable and circular automotive industry.


Plansch (pdf, 20.54 MB)

CMP Tool (zip, 582.27 kB)



Cirkulär materialpalett



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24 månader

Total budget

8,4 MSEK


IVL Svenska miljöinstitutet, AB Volvo, Zeekr Technology Europe , Borgstena, Artex, National, Stora Enso, Nordic Leather, Happy F&B, Ragnsells, Circular Hub, Mobility Sweden, Circular Hub, Fordonskomponentgruppen (FKG), TEKO


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