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Trustworthy AI for Digitalized Industries

Innovation with trustworthy applied AI for a digital transformation towards Industry 5.0.  

The ongoing technological transformation in industrial systems, relying on diverse enabling technologies and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), calls for human-centric characteristics in addition to resilience and sustainable technology. Guided by the pillars of "Human", "Resilient", and "Sustainable", our mission is to tackle the challenges of digital transformation towards Industry 5.0. We aim to achieve this through the following:

  1. Deep understanding of the social and ethical aspects of technologies to ensure compliance with AI regulatory frameworks.
  2. Strong competences in applied AI to enable innovative solutions.
  3. Impact analysis of technology on the UN Sustainable Development Goals to promote a sustainable and inclusive approach.

With our focus on research and development, coupled with our position within a robust network of cross-disciplinary competences, we strive to lead the way by offering innovative and trustworthy applied AI solutions.


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AI for Digitalized Industries



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