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Chemicals, PFAS, PFOA, PFOS, perfluorinated compounds

Testbed PFAS

Together with the Swedish Defense Sector, RISE are starting a test bed in Sweden, in order to evaluate cleaning of PFAS from ground and water and development of alternative PFAS-free fire extinguishing agents and methods.

Chemicals, PFAS, PFOA, PFOS, perfluorinated compounds

Recently, the inheritance after use of PFAS-containing fire extinguishing foam has been given major headlines and caused extensive costs for remediation and purification of contaminated areas. The project will investigate the conditions for a test bed in a collaboration between the defense sector and RISE, together with other important actors. The test bed intends to create both the conditions for finding, verifying and validating methods for purification and remediation of land and water contaminated by PFAS, as for testing and evaluating future remuneration and substitution methods for PFAS-free fire extinguishing.


The testbed consists of:

  • Laboratories in Borås

    • Sampling

    • Sample preparation

    • PFAS analysis

    • Verification and validation

  • Fire halls and fire fighting test fields

    • From small objects to aircraft 

    • Full scale fire extinguishing systems 

  • PFAS-contaminated areas in Sweden

    • Full scale test and evaluation

  • Expertise

    • Access gathered expertise of the testbed


Testbed PFAS seeks testers

There are currently no sustainable methods for processing soil or water, contaminated with PFAS. There is a great need for objective and independent identification and evaluation of various decontamination methods. Identification and evaluation of substitutes for firefighting foams containing PFAS is also necessary, in order to facilitate efficient and sustainable firefighting of complex fires.

For this reason, in cooperation with the Swedish defence authorities, RISE will set up a testbed for identifying, verifying and validating methods for processing contaminated soil and other areas, as well as for testing and evaluating substitutes and substitute methods for future PFAS-free firefighting. The testbed is to contribute to the societal need for realistic and cost-efficient decontamination methods to be used on PFAS-contaminated soil and water. The results from the test bed are to be used as a basis for future procurement of services and methods.

We are now looking for companies, innovators, researchers and other actors as testers within the field of decontamination methods as well as producers of alternative solutions within the field of substitutes, methods and firefighting equipment. Selection and prioritization of testers will be made by the testbed steering group.

To report your interest, please e-mail your contact information and a description of the method/solution for decontamination or firefighting  to the following address:

Should you have any questions, please contact Tove Mallin, RISE, e-mail:, Telephone number: +46 (0)10-516 5567


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Testbed PFAS



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The Swedish Armed Forces, The Fortifications Agency, The Swedish Defense Materiel Administration


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