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Solutions for climate-smart events

This project develops and tests innovations that reduce climate emissions from different types of events.

The project aims to create visibility for Swedish innovations in a manner that benefits the Swedish hospitality industry.

CO2 emissions from transport must be reduced to almost zero by 2030. This goal must be achieved without curbing people's travel needs, which include the opportunity to meet others and to experience new things. In this project, we will develop, test and evaluate new solutions for the hospitality industry and make progress towards sustainable, emission-free events.

The proportion of events' total emissions that is attributed to transportation is commonly significant. Transportation is, however, not the only source of emissions related to events. This project adopts a systems approach to focus on goods and passenger transport, catering, overnight accommodation and other energy-consuming resources that are required for the production and consumption of events. For each of these areas, the project aims to develop and trial new solutions within the Gothenburg area. 

Events comprise a unique opportunity to showcase new innovations and simultaneously reach people in situations where they are more open to change. The project's focus on climate measures aims to support Sweden's innovativeness and benefit the Swedish hospitality industry. The project also aims to create spinoffs in terms of transport and mobility innovations that can be implemented in other Swedish cities, municipalities and regions, and which can scale globally.


Planned activites: 

During spring 2024 further tests of the digital tool are planned to be performed with project partners, but also external stakeholders. For more information, please contact Erik Lundberg.

On January 29th matchmaking event for project partners will be organised to find further interesting solutions to test during summer and fall. For more information, please contact  Steven Sarasini or Filip Eklund 



Previous project events:  

Workshops and Innovation labs:

On November 20th 2023 the second Innovation lab was orgnised. Two cases of transportation of goods to events were in focus. The results from the lab show promising solutions that will be worked on further within the project. For more information, please contact Azadeh Kazemi 

On October 4th 2023, a workshop with focus on transportation of goods and climate smart solutions was held. For mor information contact  Kristina Holmgren or Michael Browne

On September 20th 2023, a workshop with focus on mobility and passenger transport was organised. The workshop was built upon the results of the previously held Innovationlab. The workshop collected information to the digital tool that is being developed as a support for event organisers. Some general conclusions regarding timing for information to event visitors were drawn. For more information contact Hans Arby.

On September 6th 2023 a follow-up meeting of the earlier workshop on ”Roads to a climate smart and more delicious event” (Vägar till ett klimatsmart och godare event) was held. Checklists for event organizers, educational materials, and climate calculations for meals were discussed. Event organizers presented the actions, trends, and changes they see within the field, as well as the concrete measures they have already implemented at their events. For more information, contact Maria Nehme O’Neill.

On 28th August 2023 a digital workshop focusing on “Energy and resource utilisation at events” (Energi och resursanvändning) was held. At the workshop, discussions were held regarding the support and tools that can assist event organizers in changing the structure and offerings of energy, merchandise, consumables, and waste management. The discussions also included what has been tried already, and what one would like to try at events to reduce energy and resource consumption. For more information contact Jamilla Nilsson

On April 19th 2023, a digital workshop with focus on “Climate smart solutions for food and drinks” was held. The discussions circled around the challenges, demands and potential solutions from the perspectives of mealtime providers, event organisers and visitors. For more information, contact Maria Nehme O’Neill.

On April 18th 2023 the first Innovation lab with focus on passenger transport/mobility was performed. For more information, contact Azadeh Kazemi

Other project happenings: 

During fall 2023 the project has organised meetings where project partners and reference group have been able to test early version of the digital tool, and to provide input for improved functionality and layout. 

During summer 2023 the project have performed two tests regarding visitors travels to Coldplay’s concerts at Ullevi. In addition tests regarding the reuse of textiles for merchandise and personnel at events were evaluated in collaboration with Anna Lindgren Sicence Park Borås. For more information regarding the tests performed within the project, please contact Steven Sarasini.


Project name

Solutions for climate-smart events



RISE role in project


Project start


25 months

Total budget

6620 kSEK


Core Partners: , Göteborgs Universitet, BRG, Business Region Göteborg , Göteborg & Co, Got Event, Project Partners: , Einride AB, Liseberg Aktiebolag, Lugerinc AB, MTR Express, Volvo Technology AB, EC2B Mobility, GLC Ekonomisk Förening, Smart Resenär, Göteborg Energi AB, Nobina Travis AB, Voi Technology AB, Compass Group AB, Generation Waste AB, Planeten Panter, Klimato AB, Stadsmiljöförvaltningen - Göteborgs stad, Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers, Sweden Meetx AB, Västtrafik AB, Samtrafiken, Velove Bikes AB, Göteborgs Friidrottsförbund, Göteborgsvarvet, Science Park Borås , Göteborg Film Festival, KåBe Power AB, Ullevi konferens och kiosker AB, Världsnaturfonden WWF


Vinnova FFI

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
Kristina Holmgren

Contact person

Kristina Holmgren


+46 10 228 48 66

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