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Rapeseed field

Rapeseed press cake for tasty and healthy foods.

Rapeseed press cakes are an underutilized byproduct from the production of rapeseed oil that has the potential to become a healthy ingredient in food. The purpose of the project is to find efficient and sustainable ways to process rapeseed press cakes to enhance properties such as taste and nutritional value

The byproduct in the production of rapeseed oil is a rapeseed press cake, currently used as animal feed. As the press cake contains high levels of protein and nutrients, it could be processed to serve a more beneficial purpose as a food ingredient. However, the cake has a bitter taste and contains components that impede the absorption of nutrients. The project aims to find efficient and sustainable methods to treat the rapeseed press cake, eliminate its negative properties, and evaluate how different techniques affect its functionality in food production.

By ensuring that the press cake remains within the food system, we increase its sustainability, contribute to food self-sufficiency in Sweden, and create a potentially sought-after export product. RISE is collaborating with Skeby Gårdar and Linnaeus University in this three-year project, funded by Formas.


Project name

Rapeseed press cake for food



RISE role in project

Project participant

Project start


3 years

Total budget

5 984 571


Skeby gårdar, Linnéuniversitetet



Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

12. Responsible consumption and production
Evelina Höglund

Contact person

Evelina Höglund

Forskare Livsmedel Produktdesign

+46 10 516 66 19

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