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Sustainable Nutrition - Combined health and environmental effects of food

By analyzing the effects of food on our health and environment we contribute to better knowledge of sustainable food consumption from a multidisciplinary perspective

Sustainable eating from health and environmental perspective

Food has a major impact on both our health and environment. Our ambition is to combine current knowledge from disciplines of nutrition, health and environmental science to provide a more holistic picture of sustainable food consumption. By developing new knowledge, methods and tools, we want to support companies, authorities and consumers in the transformation towards more sustainable eating habits.

Method development

We develop methods for improved analyzes of combined health and environmental impacts  of food products and diets. The environmental impact of food is usually calculated per kilo of food without taking into account its most important function, to provide nutrition. With new methods the environmental impact of food can instead be related to its nutritional quality and health effects. Such tools can clarify the combined health and environmental effects of food and thus facilitate the transition in society to more sustainable production and consumption of food.

Mapping health and environmental impacts of diets

A new exciting research area is combined analysis of health and environmental impacts of food based on data from epidemiological studies. By analyzing dietary patterns based on dietary data from large groups of population we can better understand which food choices that are beneficial for both health and the environment. This type of research provides new important knowledge about how sustainable eating habits can look like in practice based on what people actually eat.

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