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RISE food climate database – the Norwegian version

The Norwegian version of RISE Food Database is developed in collaboration with NORSUS, Norwegian Institute for Sustainability Research, and can be used to increase awareness of the climate impact of various foods and contribute to reduction of the climate impact from our consumption and production of food.

The largest climate database for food in Norway

RISE Food Climate Database contains carbon footprints of more than 720 general food products (pork, cod, milk, carrots, coffee etc) and about 1300 different food production chains (e.g. different origins and/or production methods, such as greenhouse production or open field cultivation). Each carbon footprint in the database is based on available life cycle assessments, climate calculations by RISE, NORSUS or other national & international publications. RISE and NORSUS are continuously working with the best available data quality so that the carbon footprints are as comparable as possible.

Carbon footprints for Norwegian food consumption

The Norwegian version of RISE Food Climate Database is developed to represent the consumption of food in Norway and can be used for calculations of aggregated carbon footprints of recipes, meals, menus, purchases, shopping etc and other food climate statistics such as reporting and indicators to spread knowledge about the climate impact of food in various ways and to work to reduce the climate impact from the production and consumption of food.

A living climate database

RISE Food Climate Database is updated annually, to make sure that the best available and most updated data are used, and this work is financed by the leasing fee. The database is not open and individual carbon footprints can´t be distributed or communicated to third parties. Calculated results/carbon footprints of recipes/meals/menus/purchases/sales/ shopping/etc may and can, with advantage, be communicated to customers and consumers. 

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