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RISE food climate database

The climate database is used to increase awareness of the climate impact of various foods and contribute to reduction of the climate impact from our consumption and production of food.

What effect does our choices have on the climate?

Consumers and organizations want to make climate-conscious choices, but many find it difficult to know what a good choice is for the climate in the restaurant, in the grocery store or what is a reasonable level for the organization's set climate goals. At the same time, the demands on climate information from customers and society are increasing.

RISE Food Climate database for food helps you prioritize right for the climate

RISE Food Climate Database provides knowledge about the climate impact of different food products and is used as a tool to reduce the carbon footprint in recipes or when purchasing food. By including climate information in tools and applications in the daily everyday decisions, it becomes easier to make more conscious decisions. The RISE food climate database is also used for climate reporting and set climate goals. The database provides information regarding what is big and small and can also indicate suggestions for more climate-smart choices between different food groups.

Carbon footprints for Swedish food consumption

The basis for the carbon footprints in RISE food climate database is life cycle assessments of more than 750 food products, representative for Swedish food consumption. The life cycle assessment (LCA) is an ISO-standardized method and each food product has been given a carbon footprint that shows the climate impact from its production chain. The carbon footprints are general (not developed for specific producers' products) and should be seen as an approximate value of the food product´s climate impact. The climate impact of products is usually called carbon footprint and is expressed here in kg carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) per kg of food, even though different foods are far from comparable in function (eg nutrient content).

A living climate database

The RISE Food Climate database is leased from RISE and updated annually to a new version. Depending on your needs, the database can be used in existing applications and tools or for the development of a completely unique solution.

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