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Extrusion cooking of food

Extrusion is an established process technology in the food industry. Extrusion is used to produce many different food products available on the market; snacks, breakfast cereals, pasta and vegetarian meat substitutes, and is also used to produce feed.


Extrusion is a method where a material is processed under high temperatures, pressures and shear forces and finally pressed through a shaped nozzle. The goal is to create appealing products for consumers with attractive texture and taste. Extrusion is also effective in creating value-added products through the valorization of side-streams, and is seen as a good method in the development of climate-friendly foods by texturing vegetable proteins, creating meat-like fibrous structures in meat substitutes.

RISE can help you and your company test new raw materials, develop recipes and optimize the process and formulation to create the product you want. We have different sizes of our extruders and can customize the process to fit your company's requirements.

Below is a selection of what we can help you with:

  • Meat substitutes
    • High moisture extrusion cooking
    • Low moisture extrusion
  • Snack products
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Pasta
  • Feed
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