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DigiCORE – Digital Collaboration and Research

<p>DigiCORE is a lab at RISE in Västerås where organisations and research interact. At the lab, you can take the next step in your digitalisation journey, get inspiration for new technologies, and activate new collaborations. DigiCORE is the meeting place where your needs and your expertise development are the focus.</p>

DigiCORE is a lab and a testbed in the centre of Västerås that focuses on exciting new technology and its real-world applications. The lab contains hardware in the form of equipment from control rooms, large screens for visualisation, VR and AR glasses, powerful computers for deep learning and much more. In addition to the hardware, there is also software and licences for processing data, computation, prototyping and more.

Among other things, the lab can provide you with help in identifying opportunities for using process data in new ways, exploring how new technologies such as VR and AR can be used to facilitate work, and discovering how AI can streamline processes and create new business opportunities for your business. The lab is a collaboration between RISE and Automation Region.

Your organisation can use DigiCORE to access the expertise available at RISE. Our research expertise covers the following areas, among others:

  • Analytics
  • Big data
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Innovation management
  • Interaction and user experience
  • Machine learning and optimisation
  • Product development
  • Security trust, privacy and integrity
  • Software and systems engineering

The lab also serves as a bridge to Automation Region’s extensive network and the expertise held throughout all of RISE.

DigiCORE has offers at three levels

By combining our broad knowledge of technology, our large networks of both academic and business contacts, as well as our processes regarding research methodology and innovation management, we possess competence that can help your organisation to accelerate the pace of change to take advantage of digitalisation in your industry.

1) Inspiration – For those who want an overview of the technologies available, and what opportunities these offer. Come along and test, pinch and feel!

To provide inspiration and information about available technology and future opportunities, we organise lectures and guided tours of the lab, either exclusively for your organisation or for several organisations at the same time. The perfect opportunity to network! We can also offer support for kickstarting your digitalisation by mapping your needs and opportunities through a structured workshop.  

2) Concretisation – For those of you who know a bit more about what you are looking for or who have already identified a need.

Once you have determined your technology requirements or needs and are ready to take the next step with your digitalisation work, we offer a concept development workshop that will help you get a clearer picture of what is required to implement AI or VR, for example, in your business. At DigiCORE you have access to vast quantities of data from the industry, as well as help with open data. We can also help you with AI, Analytics, Big Data, CPS, IoT, ML, Prototyping, System testing, UX, Visualisation and XR (VR/AR).

3) In-depth – At level three, you get in-depth expert support tailored to your specific needs. Rent a place at DigiCORE or why not hire a researcher?

Once we have a shared picture of your needs and challenges, we can support you in implementing the technology. This can be done by spending a few days in the lab with an expert within a selected field or participating in a research project, or by us conducting analyses based on your data. You will also have access to our network of, for example, start-ups and other technology companies.

In other words, you can use DigiCORE for:

  • Inspiration, knowledge, insights
  • Business and future intelligence
  • Taking the next step in your digital development
  • Finding a structure/plan for digitalisation
  • Testing different technologies (hardware and software)
  • Combining different types of technology
  • Borrowing/renting equipment
  • Cultivating new collaborations
  • Getting support
  • Finding new business/business development
  • Finding networks/people/the right skills
  • Exploiting any data produced
  • More efficient (and more enjoyable) processes/working methods
  • Testing new technology in a safe way

Would you like to know more about DigiCORE or to talk to us about how we can work on your challenges and your digitalisation journey? Book an appointment with us.


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Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Education, ICT and Telecom, Process industry


Artificial intelligence, Cyber security, Data science, Design, Digitalisation, Internet of Things, Climate neutral industry, Mobility, Service innovation

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Process Industrial IT and Automation


Region Västmanland



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