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Development of protein products

When you want to create crunchy snacks or the right chewing resistance in a meat alternative product, extrusion is the right manufacturing method. Furthermore, RISE has the expertise and the equipment required to produce fermented products such as yogurt, baked products such as gluten-free bread and emulsified products such as new types of sandwich

Extrusion – gives the product the right texture

The extrusion manufacturing method is used to give the product the consistency and structure desired. It can be anything from cereals and snacks to meat alternatives. The extruder screws the raw material forward and under different pressure, temperature and kneading we can make the raw material behave as we want. For example, we can make the protein blend into structures that provide a stringy texture and a strong chew resistance when we make meat analogues, or the right crunch in a cheese doodle.

RISE works with both dry extrusion and wet extrusion and we have access to a single extruder for smaller volumes and double extruders when larger volumes are to be produced.

  • Dry extrusion is used, among other things, to produce "minced meat" based on vegetable protein, which is dried and needs to be soaked before it is used in cooking as well as to create protein-rich snack products.
  • Wet extrusion is used when you want a high fiber product, such as meat analogues.

Fermented products – vegetable "dairy products"

Alternative dairy products based on oats and soy have quickly gained popularity. Among other things, RISE is working to investigate which Swedish-grown protein crops are suitable for fermented products. In one project, we produce yogurt based on protein from the field bean. Yogurt is just one example, the field bean could also be used for cheese, soft ice cream, chilled sauces and much more.

Baked products – enrichment and alternatives to gluten

Protein from, for example, Single-cell can be used as a substitute for wheat gluten in baked products. Among other things, RISE has worked with the microalgae Dunaliella Salina, which contains antioxidants, starches and proteins that can be used as supplements or in food. In baked products, Dunaliella Salina is used to enrich and give fine texture and color to gluten-free bread.

Emulsified products – potential for sustainable chark products

The emulsifying ability of the protein varies with pH and can be made to bind to both water and oil. That can be used in the manufacture of emulsified products. Among other things, RISE has worked with charcuterie products such as sausage based on protein-rich mussel flour. Other examples of emulsified products with alternative protein sources are paté, pasty, sandwich spreads and sauces.


Please contact us for more information on how RISE can help your company in extrusion, fermentation, emulsification and baking with protein from sustainable protein sources.


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