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Data Collection

RISE drives the development in data collection to increase and simplify collection and understanding of available data in industry and society. This enables better decision-support and awareness of ongoing events. By identifying missing data and correlating it with available data, we build the transformation from data to information and see the knowledge beyond the noise. We therefore simplify the understanding of the chain of events for both man and machine.

Our expertise in data collection can be used to identify gaps in collected data and investigate which collection method or new combinations can complement existing data. Large amounts of data are difficult to understand and therefore need to be transformed and adapted for automatic processing. Automatically preprocessed data can then be systematically analyzed by algorithms to identify correlations, make recommendations through documents and visualization tools. Visualization is the best way for showing knowledge without being lost in the details.

Large amounts of data are challenging to review, and in many cases, data is collected over several years and in different formats. The challenge then lies in structuring, filtering and preparing data so that it can be processed automatically, utilized, and illustrated. A challenge that RISE expertise contributes to solving by transforming data, structuring and making data available in the customer's own systems, data centers, cloud architectures or via RISE's own data centers. When data is available, RISE expertise can assist analyze data using standardized techniques for signal processing, machine learning and data visualization.

RISE has an interdisciplinary team for data collection challenges, who are happy to work in agile forms of work with short lead times and quick feedback focusing on co-creation with their customers. The team begin by investigating the customer’s present and future data requirements and current practices for data gathering and utilization. Then the team's data collection skills are combined with domain knowledge within RISE and the customer to suggest possible ways to find new knowledge from existing data and whether it needs to be supplemented and combined with other, and possibly new, data sources to deliver value to the customer. The proposed solution can then be demonstrated by the team in a proof-of-concept or prototype installation as a validation of the method and as a basis for a future procurement and operational introduction. 

By partnering with RISE on data collection, our clients gain an independent recommendation and insight into how data collection should be conducted to be future-proof, easy to analyze and transform into a future format without need of being locked into a proprietary solution or platform.

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