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RISE Battery training

Battery training and courses in batteries

We offer open and tailor-made courses and introductory trainings for re-skilling and up-skilling in battery value chain. The courses are available in different knowledge levels and formats, adapted to the needs of your company. They cover safety, recycling, battery services and various other parts of the battery value chain.

Our training courses in batteries are aimed both at those seeking upskilling (new knowledge) and at those who have identified a need for reskilling (current transition & transformation and need of new skills) in your company.

Battery training and courses in electrification

When taking a course or training in the field of batteries, you can choose between an open or a tailor-made course that is adapted to the unique needs of your company. The training is tailored to your company's needs and wishes regarding content and appropriate level of knowledge.

Why is battery training needed?

Training and skills development in batteries is necessary to deal with the increasingly electrified society of the future. Having relevant and sufficient training in batteries is a competitive advantage, both nationally and internationally. In addition, our use of batteries needs to take both safety and sustainability into consideration.

RISE battery training programs

Our battery training courses are based on our long research in batteries, where we are updated on the latest trends and market needs and can immediately apply it in our battery courses. We have many years of expertise in the entire battery value chain, which provides a valuable input. Together with our expertise in the field of learning, we guarantee a high level of quality in battery training.

Training for transformation and collaboration

Through our battery training, we contribute to the transition to a fossil-free and electrified society. We also work to promote collaboration between research, public and private sectors. Skills enhancement and collaboration are two important parts of our journey towards a sustainable society.


RISE training within batteries:


Introduction litium-ion batteries


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Battery research

RISE has extensive research and development activities in the battery area. Our resources cover the entire value chain, from material to product and from use to second life.

Testing and analysis of batteries

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Recycling and circularity of batteries

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Battery production

When developing manufacturing and process technology, we use a variety of technologies to meet your needs. Regardless of whether you need to evaluate or develop methods for formulating and coating active materials or joining and p…
Education area

Battery Fire Safety

Lithium-ion batteries give us amazing opportunities, but there are also challenges to overcome. Among other things, you need to consider safety aspects such as the risks involved and how to prevent them.

Bränder i elbilar kräver ny kunskap

En elbilsbrand skiljer sig från en bensin- eller dieselbilsbrand och därför behöver räddningspersonalen mer kunskap om hur de ska hantera brinnande elbilar. Under hösten 2023 öppnar RISE världsunika labb för säkerhetskritiskt…