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Batteries for a sustainable future

Batteries are becoming increasingly important in our electrified and fossil-free society. Battery usage involves all from households and mobility solutions to industry and smart cities. In addition, batteries can be used as energy storage to balance our energy needs. The increased usage of batteries leads to new challenges in terms of safety, functionality, competence, and circularity.

RISE holds expertise in the entire battery value chain. In addition to our research and development projects, we provide world-leading test and demo environments as well as safety-critical testing within batteries and electrification. We offer battery training to contribute to strengthening Europe's educational development within batteries.

Read more about our offers in testing and analysis, training, production, materials and recyling by clicking on the boxes below. Further down you find more information about services, expertise, and test & demo environments. 

Welcome to contact us if you want to know more about our work in batteries, energy storage, and charging infrastructure. 

Dina Dedic

Business Office Manager

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