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At RISE Processum we take on customer assignments for the whole process, from concept, through tests using the pilot equipment to report preparation. Processum has gradually built up a wide range of skills and expertise in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry, which are offered as a part of our Test & Demo facilities. Member companies and universities, as well as external companies, can utilize the resources at Processum. We do the practical work and the customer gets to keep the results. 


Electrochemical biorefinery processes

During 2021, a lab-scale electrochemistry test bed has been established in Örnsköldsvik. This technology uses renewable electricity to create more value from industrial waste streams. The goal is to create a platform for scaling up electrochemical conversions that can be integrated with other unit operations to evaluate new process concepts.

Read more about Electrochemical biorefinery processes here


Test environment for Fermentation

The test environment for fermentation is intended for the cultivation of several types of microorganisms, such as bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi. Companies and other stakeholders have the opportunity to develop, optimize and scale up their cultures of microorganisms in these bioreactors.

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Test environment for Hydrothermal liquefaction

With hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL), biomass is converted into a liquid oil that in many respects resembles fossil crude oil. Oil is the main product in the HTL process, but smaller amounts of gas and solid phase (carbon) are also form.

Read more about the test Hydrothermal liquefaction here


Test environment for Hydrothermal carbonisation

Hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) is a low-temperature thermochemical conversion process to upgrade side streams into hydrochar with interesting properties. Possible areas of use are e.g. soil improvement, environmental remediation, energy storage, and as an energy source.

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Reactor system for chemical biorefinery processes

In an ATEX-classified room at RISE Processum there is a reactor system with pilots that are used to develop processes and products in a cost-effective manner. The facility is unique in Sweden and open to everyone.

Read more about the Reactor system for chemical biorefinery processes here


Test environment for Thermochemical pre-treatment

The test bed Thermochemical pretreatment can be used to decompose biomass to be able to more easily access / expose desired structures / molecules within the biomass. For example, the test bed can break down cellulose from hemi and lignin into chips in order to access the sugar molecules in the cellulose.

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