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Reactor system for chemical biorefinery processes

RISE subsidiary RISE Processum in Örnsköldsvik has equipment and pilots of various sizes to scale up chemical biorefinery processes and syntheses. In an ATEX-classified room there is a reactor system with pilots that are used to develop processes and products in a cost-effective manner. The facility is unique in Sweden and open to everyone.

The reactor system includes:

  • Continuous processes and batch reactors up to 50 liters (Hastelloy, 20 bar)
  • Continuous distillation
  • Pilot-scale Soxhlet extraction
  • Possibility of hydrogenation

The entire reactor system is housed in an explosion-proof room that meets all the requirements of an ATEX laboratory. Everything is enclosed and no moving parts should be able to cause sparks, which in the worst case could lead to ignition and an explosion if the composition of the atmosphere in the room were to be temporarily flammable. Since we meet the safety requirements, all kinds of solvents can be handled.

There is also installed hydrogenation capacity and can thus saturate various chemical compounds with hydrogen in the reducing atmosphere. With the help of two distillation columns installed, organic compounds can be purified. In the reactor systems, syntheses of organic molecules can take place as well as extraction and fractionation of, for example, biomass. Depending on the type of project, the reactors can be combined in different ways.

A complete factory process on a small scale can be simulated so that customers and partners can test interesting ideas. An important complement to the pilot equipment in the ATEX room is our flow chemistry system where you can narrow down the important parameters for the chemical reaction before experiments are carried out in the ATEX laboratory.

The facility is unique in Sweden because it is available to anyone who wants to place an assignment here. Acquiring a corresponding facility is a large investment, which makes it significantly cheaper for universities and companies to hire us to test interesting process and product ideas under total secrecy.


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Reactor system for chemical processes




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