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Plastic pellets

Sustainable plastics - challenges and possibilities

RISE and the Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association (FKG) arrange aseminar for manufacturing companies and customers who use plastic in their products. The aim is to discuss challenges related to the transition to increased sustainability and circularity and together identify the resources needed for the industry to best meet the challenges.

The transition to increased sustainability and circularity already affects the whole of society today and we can look forward to continuously increasing climate requirements from both consumers and the authorities. Plastic has an important role in the transition and when correctly used contributes to both sustainability and circularity, but also constitutes a climate-related challenge. The requirements for reduced CO2 emissions can be met, for example, through increased use of recycled or bio-based materials, but this also means a technical challenge for players in the plastics value chain, not least for the manufacturing subcontracting industry.

During this seminar, we will describe the forthcoming legislation on plastics at EU and national level and its consequences, as well as discuss the value chain's challenges and needs linked to the requirements for increased sustainability / circularity. The aim is to jointly identify the opportunities and resources needed to support the industry in these challenges and discuss the role an establishment of a National Center for Sustainable Plastics can and should play in the forthcoming restructuring work in order to strengthen the market position for Swedish subcontractors and product owners.



  • External analysis with a focus on legislation and trends around sustainability and plastics
  • Thoughts and motives for a National Center for Sustainable Plastics
  • Current development projects around sustainable plastic
  • Display of RISE analysis and testing equipment for plastics
  • Discussion about challenges, opportunities and resource needs
Mölndal 16 juni 2022
16 Jun 2022
Argongatan 30, Mölndal
15 June 2022

Free of charge

Anna Wiktorsson

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Anna Wiktorsson

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Conny Gustavsson

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Conny Gustavsson

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