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MetHyInfra (Gaseous and liquified hydrogen flow) workshop

Welcome to the MetHyInfra stakeholder and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) workshop on june 14-15 2023.


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The Joint Research Project (JRP) 20IND11 “Metrology infrastructure for high-pressure gas and liquified hydrogen flows” (MetHyInfra) is the first large scale industry project that will provide metrological infrastructure and traceability to tackle the measurement challenges, which are currently slowing down the hydrogen industry growth for several sectors. The project offers a holistic approach as it covers the measurement challenges for the flow sector over the entire range of use cases for pure hydrogen. As of today, there is no infrastructure available for the calibration of flow meters with hydrogen, neither for liquefied nor for medium (up to 3 MPa) or high-pressure (up to 100 MPa) hydrogen.  

The aim of this project is to ensure measurement traceability in the hydrogen distribution chain. Therefore, Critical Flow Venturi Nozzles (CFVN) will be established as standards for the use with high-pressure gas and a traceability route will be established for liquefied hydrogen. Without this, verifiable measurements will not be possible, and hydrogen will potentially not be accepted for use as an environmentally friendly energy gas.

Project web site

Stakeholder workshop
14 Jun 2023
Digitally or on site at Brinellgatan 4, Borås, Sweden
8 June 2023

Free of charge

50 on site
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Workshop
15 Jun 2023
Digitally or on site at Brinellgatan 4, Borås, Sweden
8 June 2023

Free of charge

50 on site

The agenda will be published here on the website and on the project website at the end of May.

Stakeholder Workshop

Session 1: Networking at the lunch

Session 2: METHYINFRA project

  • Introduction to MetHyInfra
  • Publications
  • Critical flow venturi nozzle technologies up to 100 MPa / ISO 9300
  • Flow metering and calibration at high pressure (up to 100 MPa)
  • Alternative fluid calibration
  • Dimensional calibration of nozzles
  • Equation of state for high pressure hydrogen
  • Metering cryogenic fluids / liquified gases
  • Calibration for meters with cryogenic fluids / liquified gases

Session 3: Cooperation

  • Stakeholder needs
  • presentation of SRTs
  • Potential research topics for MetHyInfra II

Session 4: Closing

  • Open discussion

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Workshop

Session 1: Introduction

  • General introduction to OpenFOAM

Session 2: CFD for Critical Flow Venturi Nozzles

  • Challenges, approaches, and results

Session 3: Tutorial

  • Case of a Critical Flow Venturi Nozzle
  • From Adjusting the mesh to visualizing the flow field

+ download the code from the tutorial case for your own use

Session 4: Closing

  • Open discussion

Contact person

Oliver Büker

Senior forskare

+46 10 516 58 89

Read more about Oliver

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