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Drug development
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Future Pharmaceutical Development

Pharmaceuticals are becoming ever more complex in their structures and activities and therefore demand new competencies, new capacities and to some extent new interpretations of regulatory requirement. What are these emerging needs, which opportunities exist and how are well are we prepared to meet these?

Against this background, RISE and LiF invite you this meeting in Sodertalje to illuminate the area and discuss important developments going forward. Opportunities to visit the local RISE facilities will also be provided for those interested.  

From the program

  • Jenni Nordborg, Life Science-samordnare, Regeringskansliet 
  • Two blocks with following panel discussions will take place after presentations from a broad selection of companies and authorities related to future developments in pharmaceuticals. 

Involved speakers

  • Karin Agerman, CombiGene 
  • Maria Alriksson eller Mats Lundgren, Abera Bioscience
  • Patrik Andersson, AstraZeneca, Mölndal
  • Per Arvidsson, SciLifeLab
  • Lisbeth Barkholt, Läkemedelsverket
  • Moa Fransson, Genagon Therapeutics
  • Hugh Salter, Anocca

 Moderator is Dag Larsson, Lif - the research-based pharmaceutical industry.

Common lunch at Restaurant Snäckviken.

Guided tours of RISE facilities in Södetälje are offered after lunch, but require preregistration.


The RISE team wish you all welcome to Södertälje

Anna Ridderstad Wollberg, Ian Cotgreave, Håkan Hollmark, Jenny Blomqvist, Ulla Elofsson, Nicolaas Schipper, Björn Gregertsen.


For more detailed programme please use the registration link.

Seminar & guided tour
30 Aug 2022
Snäckviken, Södertälje, Sweden

Participation is free of charge

In-person, Seminar,

Welcome mingle with coffee and a snack

Program- Presentations and panel discussions


Mingle and afternoon coffee and cake

Assembly for site visits

Anna Ridderstad Wollberg

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Anna Ridderstad Wollberg

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