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Cost effective moorings for solar panels - FRESHER

Welcome to a webinar on cost-effective mooring solutions for floating solar energy.

The FRESHER project invites you to a final seminar to learn about cost-effective solutions for floating solar panels.

The goal of the FRESHER project has been to demonstrate and validate a full-scale mooring solution in a floating photovoltaic system. This mooring solution has proven to be 50% more cost-effective than existing standard solutions.

The project has taken place in the Alqueva Dam in Portugal, a hybrid where hydropower is combined with solar power. The methodology applied has great value both for certification bodies and for the development of standards in the sector.

The FRESHER project has been funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (European Union) with the participation of Seaflex, EDP – Gestão da Produção de Energia SA, ISIGENERE, Research Institutes of Sweden, EDP – Center for New Energy Technologies and WavEC – Offshore Renewables.

You can read more about the reserarch on the FRESHER project website.

Final webinar for the project FRESHER
23 Sep 2022
Digitally via Zoom
22 September 2022

Free of charge


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Nermina Saracevic

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