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You are a resource for the future!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when someone refers to you as a 'resource'? Perhaps you've associated it with a feeling of being replaceable or manipulable? Imagine that we could change that negative perception and instead see resources as something powerful and positive.

Currently, my colleagues and I at RISE, along with many others, are working together to develop local Resource Hubs in various parts of Sweden. Our goal is to use our local resources more intelligently to achieve our sustainability goals. This is not just about energy, materials, and water, but also about harnessing people's knowledge, creativity, and commitment.

What I find so exciting is that it's not just a project or simply a final report – the goal is to create a locally anchored organization that bridges and drives forward. It's about promoting collaboration, recognizing both the material and human resources at the local level, placing expertise in the right place, and fostering mutual relationships where different stakeholders cooperate for the benefit of each other and the environment. In our pursuit of a sustainable future, we must consider people as central resources and co-creators of change, thus serving as a key to shaping a 'green' future.

One of the major challenges in transitioning to a 'green' economy is the increasing debt burden on municipalities when they invest in infrastructure to attract large industries. They hope that these investments will attract more residents and increase tax revenues. But there are risks, especially if companies automate in the future, leaving municipalities with unused buildings and infrastructure. Innovative thinking is necessary here to create sustainable and secure communities.

We must use our resources in a way that benefits both businesses and society as a whole. This means investing in innovative business and collaboration models that prepare society to face future challenges, whether climate change, pandemics, or other unknown threats.

I see the collaboration model that Resource Hubs bring as an innovative key to preventing green industrialization from becoming a risk for our municipalities. By understanding each individual's perspective and needs and working together to create a sustainable future, we can harness the potential of this concept. Symbiosis is our path to a better and more sustainable future, and in a Resource Hub, opportunities, dialogue, and collaboration exist.

Are you interested in being a part of this change and starting a Resource Hub with us? Do you want to learn more about how we can transform people from being 'resources' into creative and sustainable driving forces for the future? Contact us and work together to create a more sustainable and flourishing future!

Read more here: Center IUS - Resource hubs: Sustainable change at a local and regional level | RISE You can also contact me directly at:

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