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Special Issue in Fire Safety Journal (FSJ)

Research papers of high scientific and technical quality are warm welcome. 

ISTSS has an agreement with Fire Safety Journal (FSJ) for publishing special issues on tunnel fire safety. Fire Safety Journal is the leading publication dealing with all aspects of fire safety engineering. It is also the official journal of the International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS).

Based on scientific and technical quality, papers from the ISTSS proceeding are selected for peer review after the symposium. Selected Papers from the 7th and 8th ISTSS symposiums have been published in special issues of Fire Safety Journal. Review process of selected papers from the 9th ISTSS is currently ongoing and most have already been accepted. Note that immediately after acceptance, the papers will be included in a regular journal issue, and they will only be virtually linked to each other on website to form a Virtual Special Issue (VSI). VSI is an online-only grouping of Special Issue articles traditionally assigned to a single Special Issue.

Dr. Ying Zhen Li and Prof. Haukur Ingason are the FSJ guest editors managing the special issues, including the review processes.

Submissions of research papers of high scientific and technical quality are warmly welcomed.

Ying Zhen Li

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Ying Zhen Li

Senior research scientist

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