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ISTSS 2023

The 10th International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security (ISTSS) was held 26 - 28 April 2023 in Stavanger, Norway.

ISTSS is now well established in the tunnel fire community and the success of ISTSS is a tribute to the pressing need for continued international research and dialogue on these issues.

Each day was opened by invited Keynote Speakers addressing broad topics of pressing interest.
The Keynote Speakers, selected as leaders in their field, was:

  • Mirjam Nelisse, TNO, The Netherlands 
  • Vladimir Molkov, Ulster University, UK
  • Ulf Lundström, Swedish Transport Administration, Sweden
  • Gunnar Jenssen, SINTEF, Norway
  • Ove Njå, University of Stavanger, Norway

ISTSS Programme 2023 (pdf, 6.18 MB)

ISTSS 2023 Achievement Award

Prof. Haukur Ingason

Prof. Haukur Ingason for his more than three-decades' efforts in increasing the knowledge on tunnel fire dynamics, and his contribution to the development of tunnel fire safety discipline. His contributions are instrumental and well recognized in the tunnel fire community.

ISTSS 2023 Best paper

Analysis of visual and acoustic measures for evacuations in road tunnels using virtual reality
By: Jo Skjermo, Claudia Moscoso, Daniel Nilsson, Håkan Frantzich, Åsa S. Hoem, Petter Arnesen and Gunnar D. Jenssen

This is a very interesting paper focusing on an important topic in tunnel fire safety. Through virtual reality evacuation experiments, it reveals how different visual and acoustic measures could support evacuation in smoke filled road tunnels. The results are very useful for design of escape routes in tunnels.

ISTSS 2023 Best poster

Case study on the ventilation design of the Kennedy Rail Link
By: Melchior Schepers, Wout Verborgt, Xavier Deckers and Bart De Pauw