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Technical Manual for ICP Materials

The manual provides information on technical instructions to carry out the test  for the Task Force, and is also suitable for parties interested in joining ICP Materials by providing test sites, as it gives necessary requirements for test sites and site managers.

The exposure of materials is performed in an international network of test sites covering a wide geographical zone located in countries that are Signatories of the Convention. A more detailed description of technical procedures for different exposure periods can be found in ICP Materials reports No 1 and 2 (1987-2003), 51 (2005-2006) and 58 (2008-2009), 69 (2011-2012), 79 (2011-2015) and 84 (2017-2018).

The most recent technical manual is for the period 2017-2021 and describes procedures for running a test site including ordering and exposure of passive samplers, exposure of materials and collection of environmental data.

The manual also includes as an annex the most recent description of test sites, including all sites, past and present, included in the ICP Materials network.

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