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ICP Materials Organisation

ICP Materials is one of several ICPs under the Working Group on Effects (WGE) of the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP). The Executive Body is the governing body of the Convention and is composed of representatives of Parties to the Convention.

Task Force consisting of representatives from all countries participating in ICP Materials is responsible for the implementation of the programme. Countries are participating in the programme at different levels of activities by offering a main research centre, research sub-centres and test sites on their territories. Further information on participating organisations can be found under Acknowledgement.


Sweden (Johan Tidblad, RISE) and Italy (Teresa La Torretta, ENEA) chair the programme and are together responsible for the co-ordination and organisation. Important tasks include planning of Task Force meetings and workshops, report on progress to the Working Group on Effects (WGE), participation in meetings of the Extended Bureau of WGE and preparation of official technical reports to WGE including contributions to substantive reports.

Main research centre

Sweden provides the programme with the Main Research Centre, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB (former Swerea KIMAB). Sweden is responsible for the organisation of the field exposures in the network of test sites providing results for development of dose-response functions and evaluation of trends.

Sub-centre for cultural heritage

Italy through ENEA is responsible for the sub-centre for stock of materials at risk and cultural heritage which includes use of results including mapping, stock at risk and economic evaluations aimed especially at objects of cultural heritage.

Environment centre

Norway is providing the programme with the environmental sub-centre, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU). Its tasks consist of the establishment, quality control and maintenance of the environmental database, and the evaluation and reporting of general characteristics, including trends, of the environmental data.

Materials sub-centres

Individual countries are providing the programme with materials sub-centres. Each sub-centre is responsible for a material or group of materials. The tasks are the preparation of samples for exposure, including distribution to site contacts, the evaluation of corrosion attack after exposure using standardised or well-established methods.

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