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d.centre|EU is a design-infused ecology that jointly digs deep into, learns about and fosters sustainable societal transformation. It endorses and expands on the ambitions of the New European Bauhaus community, to imagine and build together new sustainable, inclusive and beautiful ways of living.

d.centre|EU brings together the creative pathfinders of change across Europe, to jointly scrutinize and concretise the principles and prototypes of beautiful, sustainable futures; in those futures, the lives of all beings are respected and actions to heal the planet are taken towards a horizon of collective and beautiful thriving.

As an ecology, d.centre|EU is a learning playground that interweaves four types of activities. We are jointly:

  • questioning whether and how current products, processes, practices and paradigms are compatible with realising sustainable futures
  • making sense of what it entails to transform towards radical new ways of living and organising
  • finding paths of imagining, prototyping, experiencing, evaluating and reflecting on radical new ways of living and organising
  • pollinating the wider EU community, by making societal transformation processes and practices applicable and scalable, thus stimulating beautiful, collective thriving.

d.centre|EU creates transformative practices, including tools, spaces, encounters, processes, programmes and policies, to question the unquestioned, imagine the unimaginable and learn to learn in paving new co-response-able ways of living and organising together.

d.centre|EU is developed in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.