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Betcrete 3.0 - Focus areas

The BETCRETE 3.0 project revolves around a number of important focus areas.

Carbon dioxide  sinks Calculations of natural carbonation should be included in climate declarations as a basis for requirements. Read more.

Efficient resource utilization and sustainability indicators KPIs, ie industry-wide sustainability indicators, will be central to the BETCRETE 3.0 project consortium. Read more.

Optimisation of concrete recipes In comparison with other countries, Sweden uses significantly more cement in its concrete products.  Read more.

Circular economy and recycling We want to see construction waste as a raw material of approved quality. Read more.

Alternative binders Reducing cement use without compromising the quality of the concrete is desirable for the entire construction industry. Read more

Policy, regulations and standardisation The goal is to identify and adapt policy and regulations from a system perspective. Read more.

Social license adapted for accelerated climate-neutral change Sustainable change requires societal acceptance, support and legitimacy for the sector's potential and value-creating activities. Read more.

Condion tests Models for efficient and predictable condition tests. Read more.

Financial strategies and solutions Green bonds have been discussed as a financing alternative for investments in sustainable conversion. Read more.

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