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Alexander Wahlberg


Tel +46 72 544 69 89


Location Skellefteå

Unit Produktionssystem och material (104402)

I evaluate economic feasibility of innovation and its impact on the business opportunities. My passion is to take the idea and develop it into business.

From production, often waste materials arises which today aren´t used to their full potential. I’m driven by trying to find that potential and initiate collaborations between different organizations or companies with the aim of creating new solutions and developing sustainable business.

By finding new ways for waste material to go, we can become more sustainable but it can also benefit the company by reducing the economical vulnerability as they can stand on more legs. The problem is that it usually gets stuck at the idea stage because companies lack both time and resources to develop it further. I want to help companies develop their products and production processes by providing road maps based on cost comparisons, that visualize which of the different paths are the best for transforming the innovation towards commercialization and making the business potential clearer.

In my most recent work I have worked with cost comparisons, life cycle cost assessments and developing business plans together with my collegues who did environmental assessment for three EU Horizon 2020 projects (Mobile flip, SaltGae and Karma). Works both from Skellefteå and Umeå.

I look forward in bringing meaningful impact to your business, project, or innovation in a sustainable way. No challenge or project is too big or too small.

Keywords: Circular economy, cost-assessment, techno-economic assessment, bio-based products, forestry, energy, food development, water purification, business model innovation, market potential, upscaling, profitable sustainability roadmap business plan, life cycle cost assessment, technology readiness