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Meet our employees

Meet Charlotte Strandlund, inspection engineer at RISE, environmental economist Haben Tekie, or laboratory engineer Anders Reimann in his quest to find hazardous substances in plastic gloves.

Vi utgår alltid från barnet

– Camilla Evensson
Camilla Evensson och Wasim Brikhan
Den psykiska ohälsan bland barn och unga i Sverige ökar. Camilla Evensson på RISE arbetar tillsammans med sjukvården för att utveckla förebyggande insatser för att komma tillrätta med problemet – både på individnivå och på systemnivå.

The systems we produce lead to better drug development

– Yalda Bogestål
Yalda Borgestål
Photo: OTW
Yalda Bogestål, researcher and project manager, conduct vital projects with her team at RISE. Her days are filled with everything from food diagnostics to new therapies for cancer.

It is similar to a detective work

– Anders Reimann
Anders Reimann, RISE
Photo: OTW
Anders Reimann's job involves analyzing plastic gloves looking for hazardous substances, but also investigating historical materials, such as parts of the ship Vasa which capsized and sank in Stockholm 1628.

I want to believe that we can change

– Haben Tekie
Haben Tekie
Photo: Julia Sjöberg
Environmental economist Haben Tekie studies how people can be induced to do the right thing without impinging overly on our lifestyles.

We try to make the workplace as safe as possible

– Charlotte Strandlund

Charlotte Strandlund
Photo: OTW
Charlotte Strandlund is an inspection engineer at RISE and when we visit her, she verify the safety equipment of an excavator at a workplace. The fact that everything is in order is important for those driving the machines to feel safe and secure.