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Challenging assignments that do good

Did you know that RISE is a place where collected brainpower engages in whole-hearted efforts to make the world a better place? A place where we study how to give the elderly back their appetites, send love across continents and heal wounds with the power of thought. A place that brings together a host of specialists, from technology nerds to ICT experts and computer scientists to microbiologists. We are RISE and we have an offer that is hard to refuse. Challenging assignments that do good.

You can work for us in roles such as specialist, researcher, technician, engineer or project manager, to name but a few. As a student, you can complete your doctoral project here or apply for a doctoral position. Thanks to the scope of our organisation, our employees are drawn from almost every engineering study programme as well as psychology and behavioural sciences. The result? A broad palette of skills and individuals, working together to make a difference.

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Work at RISE – in every phase of life

Working for us should be both challenging and rewarding. We are proud of our success in recruiting so many talented individuals and we intend to continue doing so. Common denominators for all of our recruitments include diversity and flexibility; in order to be and remain a creative workplace, we give due consideration to you and your individual life situation. Your health and wellbeing are our number one priority. Are you are a recent graduate who is ready to take on a host of exciting challenges? If so, welcome to RISE. A few years down the road, perhaps it is time for you to start a family or for your children to begin nursery school? If so, welcome to RISE. Is it easier to work from home occasionally in the interests of working undisturbed? Digitalisation often provides fantastic opportunities and we can generally resolve most situations. In the final analysis, we want the same thing; to ensure that RISE remains a creative and competitive workplace in which everyone shares the desire to give their very best.

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Our terms and benefits – focus on flexibility

The foundation for a great career at RISE includes attractive employment conditions, an innovation-driven and fair corporate culture, and a safe and secure work environment. Therefore, RISE has a collectively bargained agreement and flexible benefits to suit your life and you as an individual.  As a RISE employee, you are entitled to 10,000 kronor each year (2,000 kronor of which are earmarked for wellness initiatives) that you can use flexibly on services such as household services, salary exchange, grocery deliveries or donations to charity. In addition to your benefits, a selection of suppliers offer discounts to a many number of services that you can choose freely from based on your needs and wishes.You can access all of your benefits and discounts in our benefits portal. Here, you can independently place orders and manager your benefits. RISE has also negotiated a group insurance so you can insure yourself and your family at a reasonable price, without the need to submit a declaration of health.  RISE employees are covered by a collectively bargained pension and insurance (ITP) that is on par with the market.

At RISE we like to do things together. That is why we have the Together Fund. Any employee can apply for funds for group wellness activities over and above the individual activities offered in the benefits portal. We also provide our employees with a time bank to be utilised as it suits you because we understand that flexibility is vital for a sustainable working life.

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Develop at RISE

Very little gives us more pleasure than welcoming a new colleague to our organisation. The energy and inquisitiveness they bring with them are fantastic. However, we also want them to maintain this sense of curiosity, to want to achieve more and contribute to what we do so well here at RISE; to be the problem solver’s problem solver in the collaborations that make us so unique. This is why we always offer our employees the opportunity to develop their skills over the years. You career is in your own hands but we will engage in open dialogue to set specific and transparent goals for your future development. It should be easy for you to develop and feel challenged throughout your working life. And of course, this is what RISE is all about – meeting the future and the challenges it holds. 

It is crucial that we have the right competency that want to participate in strengthening the competitiveness of Sweden.

Pia Sandvik, CEO