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Textile fiber development test bed

Within the Textile fiber development test bed, RISE develops innovative methods and materials to produce fibers, yarns and nonwoven from bio-based and synthetic raw materials. We offer expertise, manufacturing methods and material analysis related to anything from raw material to final product.

Test and develop fibers with us

In the Textile fiber development test bed, your company can test and develop fibers and production processes for new textile materials with a focus on functionality, sustainability and resource efficiency. RISE has a long and deep knowledge of textile materials, textile fibers and their processing. Within the test bed, we offer a broad expertise and equipment park to produce fiber materials from various raw materials used in both clothing and technical textiles. For evaluation of raw materials and finished fibers as well as textile products, advanced equipment for mechanical, physical and chemical analysis is also available.

Expertise in solution spinning, wet spinning, melt spinning, nonwoven and functional fibers

The focus areas of the test bed are:

  • Solution spinning and wet spinning of fibers from bio-based raw materials, such as cellulose, lignin and proteins
  • Melt spinning of a wide range of different fiber types, from monocomponent fibers to multi-component fibers with different cross-sections and material combinations, such as fossil or bio-based polyester, nylon and thermoplastic elastomers
  • Development of nonwoven materials through melt blown and solution blown
  • Development of fibers with specific functionality, such as electrical conductivity, piezoelectricity, temperature control, flame resistance, dirt resistance and antibacterial properties

RISE research is done in close collaboration with the companies we work with. We can help develop processes to produce sustainable fibers and fiber materials from new raw materials or with new and specific functionalities. Please contact us for more information.


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Textile fiber development




Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Manufacturing, Materials


Production and manufacturing, Textile


Västra Götaland Region

Tobias Köhnke

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Tobias Köhnke


+46 10 228 46 64

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