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Melt spinning of polymeric fibres

RISE has broad expertise in melt spinning that spans from producing biodegradable or recyclable fibres, using bio-based or recycled raw materials, to developing high-performance and specialty fibres such as conductive or piezoelectric fibres.

The pilot scale multi-component melt spinning equipment at RISE
The pilot scale multi-component melt spinning equipment at RISE

In melt spinning, molten thermoplastic polymer extruded through a die and elongated to form thin fibres. RISE  provides expert knowledge in the melt spinning and post-spinning operations (drawing and heat-setting) for a wide range of application areas including apparel, furniture, industrial, technical, and engineering (functional fibres). Examples of functionality are electrical conductivity, piezoelectricity, temperature regulation, flame resistance/retardance, resistance to soiling or anti-bacterial properties.


Multi-component fibres

At RISE  we have a variety of fibre extrusion equipment, from small scale (10g) mono-component to a flexible semi-industrial pilot system (1-10 kg/h production rate). For prototype production runs of mono- to quad-component fibres with various cross-section geometries and material combinations. This means that, at the same time, four different polymers can be separately extruded, transferred through thermally insulated channels and all together constitute every single fibre.


Other Equipment

  • Extrusion equipment for hollow monofilament or yarn coating.
  • A modern twin-screw extruder with gravimetric additive dosage and degassing (5-25 kg/h) to prepare specific compounds for melt spinning.
  • Polymerisation, polycondensation equipment (2kg batch).
  • Texturing and twisting equipment, and machinery for producing nonwovens, yarn spinning, and knitting.
  • Physical and chemical characterisation equipment for evaluating raw materials and finished fibres including a scanning electron microscope (SEM), for studying fibre cross-sections and particle distribution.  


Our offer

With expertise in polymers, fibres and textiles RISE can offer:

  • Feasibility study on a fibre related concept or spinnability of a material such as a recycled polymer.
  • Development of functional yarns based on new additives and cross-sections.
  • Fibre development including desktop pre-study, material characterisation, melt spinning trials, fibre characterisation (fibre testing), and development suggestions tailored to client’s needs


Test & demo

Textile fiber development

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Textile testing

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Test & demo

Test bed for mechanical textile recycling

This unique facility offers services related to textile processing for material recycling as well as prototype production of materials and products based on leftover textile materials and production waste.

Plastic recycling

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Chemical recycling of plastics

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Melt- and Solution Blown

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Solution spinning

Through our expertise in solution spinning, RISE develops new fibers from bio-based raw materials, which is an important part of our efforts to reach a globally sustainable textile industry.