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Solution spinning of fibers from biobased raw materials

Through our expertise in solution spinning, RISE develops new fibers from bio-based raw materials, which is an important part of our efforts to reach a globally sustainable textile industry.

Solution spinning of bio-based materials

Solution spinning (wet and dry-jet wet spinning) is a method of making continuous fibers from materials that cannot withstand melting. The technique is therefore suitable in the manufacture of fibers from natural polymers and bio-based materials, such as cellulose, lignin and proteins. Since the method is based on a polymer solution, there are great opportunities to add functionality to the wet-spun fiber through targeted formulations.

Our equipment and expertise in wet and dry-jet wet spinning

RISE has a long and deep knowledge of textile materials, textile fibers and their processing. In solution spinning, we offer a broad expertise and equipment park for the production and characterization of fibers, such as:

  • Several flexible spinning lines for conventional wet spinning and dry-jet wet spinning with capacities from a few ml batch up to 150 kg solution/h
  • Including in-line stretching, washing, avivage application, drying, crimping and winding/cutting
  • A library of available spinnerets with differnet capillary number, dimensions and distribution patterns
  • Expertise in production and characterization of polymer solutions and spun fibers
  • Downstream equipment and know-how for processing of fibers into yarn and further into knitted, woven or non-woven textiles, as well as composite materials are available
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Focus areas and what we can offer

We work primarily with the development of production processes for new types of wet-spun fibers from bio-based raw materials, where great focus is on functionality, sustainability and resource efficiency. In our wet spinning pilot plant in Mölndal, fibers are manufactured for use in, for example, clothing, technical textiles, wound care applications and composites.

RISE research is done in close collaboration with the companies we work with. We can help develop processes to produce sustainable fibers and fiber materials from new raw materials or with new and specific functionalities. Please contact us for more information.

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