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Safety critical testing - with focus on batteries

A lab for safety-critical testing is under construction in Borås. The lab is part of the SEEL initiative and is equipped to evaluate products for thermal propagation, fire exposure, vibration, cycling, and climate variation. The lab’s water- and smoke-cleaning system will be world-leading, to meet environmental and sustainability requirements.

The electrification of society is increasing, and the transition must be as safe and sustainable as possible. We will need to prevent accidents and uncontrolled events that may occur as an effect of electrification. Read more about RISE offer on safety critical battery testing.

The safety lab at RISE is built for the future

The safety lab is built and developed to meet the market's needs for research, development, and standardized testing. There are three areas connected to the lab resource to complete the offer to customers and partners:

  • the involvement in the development of standards
  • the inspection activities, which support ensuring the quality of product manufacturing
  • the certification activities, which can offer certification within various product areas.

Environment and sustainability are central for the lab

The environment and sustainability are central aspects in the construction of the new safety lab. The lab's water- and smoke-cleaning systems are world-leading. This is to meet the environmental and sustainability requirements placed on our customers as well as on RISE. The waste will be handled in an advanced cleaning facility, where smoke particles and toxic parts of extinguishing-water are separated and deposited.

The testing environment enables repeatability

What distinguishes the safety lab from outdoor testing is that the lab offers both a controlled testing environment and good conditions for repeatability. This is fundamental for test results to be reliable.

The lab enables extreme testing

The lab's construction is designed according to the high requirements that prevail when carrying out tests on battery systems. In these tests, the risk of explosion is high and there are often powerful and uncontrolled fires that are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to extinguish. When electric vehicles are tested, they must be able to be provoked and exposed to extreme stress. For example, it is necessary to be able to set fire to a vehicle under controlled conditions and then let the fire take its natural course.

The equipment in the lab is unique

The safety lab is equipped with the market's leading test rigs. These enable the evaluation of products while charging them. It also enables short circuits, vibrations, mechanical shock, extreme temperatures, and fire risks. The lab will also have powerful vibration equipment, walk-in chambers, and climate and cycling equipment. The lab's large hall is protected against certain pressure increases and can handle fires up to 8 MW. In addition, there are areas for customers such as preparation and post-mortem labs, conference rooms, and offices. The customer can follow their testing either remotely or on-site.


SEEL Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory is a test center for research and development in the field of electromobility. The test center is owned and run by Chalmers and RISE as a joint venture. SEEL will establish three facilities in Sweden - in Gothenburg, Nykvarn, and Borås. Read more about SEEL Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory | RISE.


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Safety-critical testing



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Isolated testbeds (IT), Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Automotive and transport, Energy and Clean Tech, Manufacturing, Materials, Process industry, Security and defence


Batteries, Fire safety, Electronics, Energy, Climate adaptation, Production and manufacturing, Product safety, Risk and safety, Hydrogen


Brinellgatan 4, Borås

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Patrik Johansson


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