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SE:Kond2Life - ecosystem for reuse of automotive components

The way we use and have access to cars is about to change. In the future, less people are expected to own their cars and will instead buy transportation services. The wear and tear of automotive components will thus increase due to the increased number of users per car. This change place new type of demands on vehicles.

To retain the functional value of vehicles over time, with best possible environmental and economic profitability, demands appropriate design of components, effective methods for continuous maintenance and remanufacturing at industrial scale.

Within SE:Kond2Life, the automotive industry has collaborated to scale up remanufacturing and created new insights into resource utilization and business opportunities through results linked to environmental assessment, potential around sensor use, non-destructive testing, and servitization. The project's environmental assessment indicates a clear environmental benefit with remanufactured components.

The project resulted in many different activities and deliverables, which are available to read more about.

The project is also on the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) 100 list 2023 on the theme: Remanufacturing - great potential for scale-up and significant environmental benefit. Read more here.

1. Ecosystem for reuse of automotive components

The film demonstrates current remanufacturing and provides insights into methods for analysis of efficient remanufacturing processes and of the future of electric cars and remanufacturing. The film also provides an introduction to the project.

2. Non-destructive testing of auto parts

The film demonstrates tests of methods of non-destructive testing related to remanufacturing of automotive components.

3. Sensor data for remanufacturing of auto parts

Focus of the film is to demonstrate studies related to sensor data linked to components in the automotive industry and on future possibilities where collected sensordata from the vehicles entire life cycle, together with methods of analysis, can provide means of more effective and better remanufacturing of automotive components.

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RISE role in project

Project manager, research partner

Project start


30 months


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Linköping University, Swerim, ECRIS, Jönköpings bildemontering, Volvo Cars, Prestando Holding, Borgstena, Havd Group, Bos NDT Solutions



Project members

Hanna Linden

Contact person

Hanna Linden

tf Affärs-och innovationsområdeschef

+46 10 228 46 75

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