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Rain drops

Robust Automated Driving in Extreme Weather

ROADVIEW is a four-year project on road vehicles in adverse weather, partly funded by the European Commission.

Self-driving vehicles originated to a large extent in California. Camera is an indispensable sensor. To improve perception, lidar has been developed for self-driving vehicles. These optical exteroceptive sensors work well when the weather is nice in California. In many other parts of the world, availability and thus the productivity of automated vehicles becomes much lower due to water in various forms, especially rain, fog, spray and snow. The ROADVIEW project aims to design, implement and demonstrate automated driving that can deal with these disturbances.

The consortium behind ROADVIEW is a combination of leading universities, research institutes, suppliers to the automotive industry, vehicle manufacturers and high-tech SMEs. Consortium members bring with them an impressive sampling of "bad weather" test sites and test infrastructure

Halmstad University is the main project coordinator for the consortium with 15 partners.


Project name




RISE role in project

RISE deltar med kompetens inom safety, XAI, datakvalitet och sensorer

Project start


4 år


Halmstad University (Sweden), Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland), University of Warwick (United Kingdom), Technical University of Ingolstadt (Germany), RISE (Sweden), CEREMA (France), VTI (Sweden), Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (Finland), Synthetic Data Solutions AB (Sweden), (), VTT (Finland), Konrad GmbH (Germany), Ford Otomotiv Sanayi A. S (Turkey), Canon Research Centre France S.A.S. (France), (), accelopment Schweiz AG (Switzerland)


Horizon Europe

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Martin Sanfridson


+46 10 516 57 47

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