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REMAnufactuRing – Key enABLEr to future business (Remarkable)

Today we need more resilient and sustainable value networks to reduce uncertainties and risks in the supply of components and materials. Circular production systems with remanufacturing will become a prerequisite to supply the future sustainable society with products.

The companies that are participating in the Remarkable project have a need to develop their circular activities and want to have research support to develop their business models, information management and product designs to better facilitate remanufacturing.

The Remarkable project deals with finding new business partners in the value networks and to be able to collect data about the used products that are to be remanufactured and to take the right decisions during the product life cycles.

After finishing the project, the participating companies will have more sustainable, circular, effective, and resilient business models and processes with a higher environmental performance.

Remarkable poster at LCM2023 conference, Lille, France


Project name




RISE role in project

Project participant

Project start


3 years


Linköping University, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, School of Engineering in Jönköping, ElektroTermo, Etac, Grundfos, Svero Lifting, Toyota Material Handling, UBD Cleantech


Swedish Energy Agency


Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
Hanna Linden

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Hanna Linden

tf Affärs-och innovationsområdeschef

+46 10 228 46 75

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