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POPFREE stage three - promotion of PFAS-free alternatives

POPFREE is a two-year innovation project, a continuation of POPFREE stage two, which aims to develop and promote alternative products free from PFAS. This transdisciplinary collaboration will contribute to marketable PFAS-free products, competent buyers, decreased health and environmental impact, and competitive industry.

Aim and goal

The main goal for POPFREE is for PFAS-free products to be the obvious choice for both producers and consumers. Step three of the project focuses on product development, production, and technical performance testing of textile impregnation and film-forming products. As well as communication and education to promote the transition to broader production and use of PFAS-free products.


Due to its unique dirt and water repellent properties, PFAS is used in many different products, from textile impregnation to fire-fighting foam. Of the approximately 4,700 substances included in the PFAS group, only PFOA and PFOS, as well as the substances that can be broken down into these, are regulated. This is due to its documented harmful effects on health and the environment, but there are many indications that significantly more PFAS chemicals are harmful. The PFAS substances are also extremely difficult to degrade and they accumulate in nature. Elevated levels of PFAS have been measured in the drinking water of 144 Swedish municipalities. There is a great need to find substances that are as effective as PFAS without being difficult to degrade and toxic.


In this project, the project team, consisting of participants from industry, authorities, non-profit organizations, and institutes, will work with product development, production, and technical performance testing of PFAS-free products. Within the project, we will also define parameters for quality controls, assess environmental and health effects, create guides for phasing out PFAS, and implementing PFOA regulation. The POPFREE project will also work with communicative efforts to increase awareness about the disadvantages of PFAS among both producers and consumers. The goal is to create a demand for PFAS-free products through communication, while product development ensures that there is a range of PFAS-free products on the market.


Project name

POPFREE stage three



RISE role in project


Project start


2 years

Total budget

13 380 140 SEK


Bergans, Chemex, ChemSec, Houdini , IVL, Swedish Chemicals Agency, OrganoClick, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Volvo Cars

Project members

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

12. Responsible consumption and production
Lisa Skedung

Contact person

Lisa Skedung

+46 70 619 60 16

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